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NYC's one-stop music and movie destination.

Selling your music and movies is a snap when you come to NYC's largest purchaser of music and movie collections.

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We buy & sell Compact Discs,Vinyl LPs DVDs and Blu Rays.


Receive Cash for new and used vinyl records, compact discs, blu-rays and dvds.   

No collection is too large or small !


 "Looking to Sell LPs, CDs and DVDs for cash ?"                      Academy Records & CDs is your musical Oasis.

Academy Records and CDs has the largest selection of LPs,CDs and DVDs in the Flatiron District in NYC. 

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Looking to sell a large collection?  Call us at (212) 242-3000 and our experts will assist with your request.  


We specialize in estate collections.

 We can make arrangements for house calls if it meets our requirements.



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                 We Sell Vinyl Records by the foot.  Call us for inquiries.

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